What Clients Are Saying...

Laurel Nash, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation

“I have known Chastity Davis since 2012 through her role as Chair of the Minister’s Advisory Council on Aboriginal Women. In that capacity, Chastity demonstrates an unwavering commitment to improving the quality of life for Aboriginal women in B.C. Chastity is a strong advocate who builds relationships, encourages dialogue, and seeks impact within government. Chastity’s efforts are strategic in their influence yet sincere in their origin, which makes her advice to government so valued and well-respected.”

Lynda A. Archer, Ph.D. MFA, Author: Tears in the Grass, Lambda Literary Award Finalist, Clinical Psychologist (Retired)

“I am profoundly grateful for Chastity Davis’s friendship. In the few years I have known Chastity, she has enabled me to gain a sensitivity and depth of understanding of Canadian indigenous peoples, history and culture, and my own white privilege, that I did not have prior to our conversations. Through a session that Chastity conducted with Gabriola Island artistic and community leaders, she showed the group, all settler women, in a nonjudgmental and sensitive manner, how to better understand, honour and respect indigenous customs and protocols. I know everyone left with a greater commitment and clarity to move forward in our community with reconciliation initiatives.

I believe Chastity Davis is a visionary, an open-hearted and gifted teacher and leader. British Columbia and Canada are fortunate to have a woman with such deep commitment to reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.”

Susan Dolinski, Vice President Social Responsibility & Communications, BC Lottery Corporation

“Chastity Davis is truly an inspirational leader who brings an incredible depth of knowledge and understanding, a unique perspective as a mixed heritage woman, and a sound business lens to her every endeavor. I believe Chastity’s successful consulting business is as a result of her ability to bring tremendous value to her clients while establishing authentic and deep relationships. Chastity’s involvement with BCLC has been transformative, deepening our organization’s understanding of indigenous history and has created an immense appetite among our people to learn more about how they can be part of reconciliation. On a personal note, after meeting Chastity and hearing her speak about her passion for bridging the understanding between indigenous and non-indigenous people, I was compelled to work with her and take action in my own organization to help share her message. This is, in my view, the mark of a remarkable leader. Someone who can inspire others to think differently and motivate them to act and be part of something important.”

Jen Murtagh, Chief Executive Officer, The Minerva Foundation

“I have had the pleasure to come to know Ms. Chastity Davis in her role on Minerva BC’s Board of Directors. Chastity has been a valued member of our board for six years and an integral member of our Combining Our Strength Council. Chastity has led meaningful dialogue throughout our organization and programming focused on Truth and Reconciliation. Her perspective, power and presence in our board meetings has helped shape Minerva’s strategic direction towards Reconciliation and greatly influenced our strategic planning process. Chastity has challenged our perspectives in a way that continues to make us all better people. She has an innate ability to make everyone around her feel and understand on a much deeper level in which we started out.

Chastity is the epitome of a heart-centered leader. It was the reason why I recommended her as a speaker at the WNORTH Conference in Whistler in Spring 2017 where she addressed 200 delegates and challenged a senior level of influential business leaders to embrace the human connection in business, guiding so many to re-humanize their organizations and the way in which they lead. Watching Chastity speak with such confidence, power and passion led me to plan an event around her as the keynote speaker in the fall of 2017 at the Terminal City Club where she will speak to CEOs and senior executives on how integrating Indigenous ways of knowing and being will guide our organizations to a position of strength and purpose. Chastity is quite simply a force and Minerva is forever grateful for the hundreds of hours of volunteerism she has dedicated to our programming for women in leadership.”

Heather Odendaal, President, Bluebird Strategy

“Chastity spoke for me at the WNORTH Conference - A Global Gathering of Women on the Rise, held in Whistler, BC in April. She was a calming and spiritual breath of air to a room with over 170 women leaders. Her presence and knowledge of introducing the women to her heritage and spiritual approach were enlightening. She was able to connect with all the attendees and encourage them to approach their daily lives in a more connected way to the places where we live and where we come from. After her presentation, the women of the room felt more connected with themselves and the women around them as well as the earth we all live on. WNORTH was grateful for her attendance and knowledge she was able to share with all.”

Cliff Fregin, Chief Executive Officer, New Relationship Trust

“New Relationship Trust (NRT) hired Chastity Davis in 2015 to assist us in our 10 regional engagement sessions around the province; Ms. Davis was responsible for assisting in the setup of the 10 regional meetings, performing logistics and acting as moderator/facilitator. We found Chastity Davis Consulting to be very professional and executed the duties efficiently and with respect. NRT has no problem recommending Chastity Davis Consulting for a BC Aboriginal Business Achievement Award! A very worthy candidate for this award and recognition”.