Chastity has been a strong advocate for social justice since she was in primary school. She was a member of the group “Youth Standing Up Against Violence” at the age of nine years old. Chastity comes by her outspoken, truth-speaking, demeanor honestly. Both sides of her family have been gifted with speaking up and out about what they are passionate about.

During Chastity’s travels to Indigenous communities across British Columbia, Canada, and the world, she saw common themes of the effects of colonization and cultural genocide on the Indigenous communities. She also witnessed and continues to witness the incredible resilience of the Indigenous peoples of the world. Chastity became inspired to add her voice to the movement as an Indigenous woman, who has been intergenerationally affected by the impacts of residential schools and the World Wars. Chastity witnesses the world through two lenses, the western lens, and the Indigenous lens, this allows her to have profound insight into the happenings in both worlds: the past, current, and future.

Chastity speaks from her Heart and Spirit as a strong advocate for the health and wellness of Indigenous women, children, families, and the environment. She also weaves in the message and importance of reconciliation through all of her advocacy work.


  • Chastity is the Chair of the Minister’s Advisory Council on Aboriginal Women (MACAW) for the Province of British Columbia. She has served as a volunteer on the council since 2011 and has chaired the council since 2015.  MACAW’s mandate is to end violence against Indigenous women in British Columbia.  MACAW does this by providing advice to the Provincial Cabinet Ministers on policy, programming, and funding.  MACAW provides a unique lens as it is a council of 10 Indigenous women from different regions within British Columbia and operates as a collective, supportive, and catalytic voice to educate, advocate, and inspire change within the provincial government to improve the quality of life for Aboriginal women in British Columbia.
  • Chastity is co-founder of the Professional Aboriginal Women’s Network (PAWN) that currently resides in Vancouver, British Columbia. PAWN is a co-created space that brings Indigenous and non-Indigenous women together to share, learn, uplift, and grow together in the spirit of reconciliation.  It also works to shift the mainstream dominant narrative of Aboriginal women in the country, that Aboriginal women are broken, unfit mothers, drug/alcohol addicted, uneducated, and generally unsuccessful.  It promotes and elevates the very real alternative/parallel stories of successful, educated, professional Aboriginal women.  The co-created space also enables women to collaborate and enhance their own professional career journeys.
  • Chastity is part of the founding group of women who co-created the fund for “Uplifting Indigenous Families” (UIF) in partnership with Vancity Community Foundation. UIF’s mandate is to support Indigenous families of the Missing and Murdered Women and Girls in Canada to fully participate in the National Inquiry and other advocacy efforts to obtain justice for their lost loved ones.  It also supports Indigenous families to have access to healing modalities (traditional and western) and mental health services.
  • Chastity serves as a Director on the Board of Directors for the Minerva Foundation for BC Women. Chastity has been a dedicated volunteer to Minerva for over a decade and has provided support and facilitation in leadership programming for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal women over her tenure at Minerva.
  • Chastity contributed to the Amnesty International report, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind”. The report highlights the impact of resource development on Indigenous women in North-Eastern British Columbia and advocates for Gender-Based Analysis to be implemented into the Environmental Assessment process in British Columbia and Canada.  She was the host Emcee for the international roll out of the report in Fort St John in Fall 2016 and fostered many meaningful and impactful relationships between the provincial government and Amnesty International staff/advocates.
  • Chastity is a highly sought after public speaker and has spoken at several international, national, provincial, corporate, government, not-for-profit, academic, and community events/conferences. She is an engaging speaker that weaves in her personal story, with her academic, corporate, Indigenous, community, and lived experience for a unique, inspiring, and catalytic message.