Community Engagement

Chastity has extensive experience working representing companies/corporations inside Indigenous communities. She has executed this work in 125+ First Nation communities in British Columbia alone and has also worked with several other Indigenous communities across Canada and the USA. Chastity has the unique ability to connect with each Indigenous community in a culturally safe, respectful, and integral manner.  She has had tremendous success in building strong and meaningful relationships with each Indigenous community that she has had the privilege and honour of working with. Chastity can help your organization build strong relationships with Indigenous communities.

Environmental Assessment/Regulatory Process Lead

Chastity has experience leading environmental and regulatory processes inside Indigenous communities in Northern British Columbia. She is a skilled project and relationship manager. Chastity has experience working with Indigenous communities, industry, contractors, environmental consultants, regulators, provincial, and federal governments. She is skilled at working under tight-deadlines and savvy at completing complex environmental assessment processes.

Indigenous History & Cultural Awareness Training

Chastity has led several in-person Indigenous History and Cultural Awareness Training sessions in partnership with Monique Gray-Smith ( for several different types of government, corporate, Indigenous, and not-for-profit organizations. The partnership between these two very skilled Indigenous women makes for an informative and transformative experience. Chastity and Monique can deliver customized Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training sessions for your organization.

Chastity also has developed a unique 4-hour online Indigenous Cultural and Historical Awareness Training session. The interactive 4-hour training is delivered through an Indigenous woman’s lens and can fit into most busy schedules. Each module includes facts, stories, videos, and suggested readings, ending with a short self-reflective quiz. The 4-hour online training captures a glimpse into Canadian History. This training can be customized for your organization as well as enhanced by an in-person additional training session.

Implementation of the 94 Calls to Action | Being a Part of the Reconciliation Movement

Chastity has helped several organizations understand the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report and the 94 Calls to Action. She has a fulsome presentation on the TRC report and Calls to Action that will help individuals within organizations understand the history of Indigenous peoples in this country as well as co-create a mutually respectful path forward for Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples who live in Canada. Chastity will help you understand the Calls to Action and how your organization can be a part of the movement. She helps organizations create a Statement of Reconciliation that outlines the organization's public commitment to reconciliation and an action plan to implement specific Calls to Action.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Chastity is a natural strategist and has been a part of several strategic planning sessions for various organizations, corporate, Indigenous, not-for-profit, etc. She has the ability to help the organization move to the next desired level. Chastity’s strategic planning facilitation can be customized for your organization and will ensure that you achieve your desired outcome in a formulated and efficient manner. She believes that the strategic planning document should be a living document with an actionable and achievable implementation plan, instead of an exercise that creates a document that stays on a shelf.

Communications Planning Facilitation

Chastity has co-created many strategic communication plans for various organizations that have helped them deliver streamlined communications via print, online, email, social media, etc. The communications plans have key elements to ensure that messaging is uniform and consistent with the goals and objectives of the organization. She believes that communication is one of the most important aspects of all businesses, governments, organizations, and communities. If you make an investment up front to be strategic and aligned with all communications –internal and external, it will ensure a higher level of professionalism and client/employee/stakeholder satisfaction.

Diversity Awareness & Implementation Training

Chastity delivers an insightful and impactful diversity awareness session in partnership with Joanna Kirk. Joanna is an experienced diversity and human resources consultant who has worked her entire career with Canada’s top financial institutions and corporations. Chastity and Joanna each bring their unique skill set to weave together dynamic diversity awareness sessions for all levels of organizations, governments, and not-for-profits. We are currently living in a time where it is important for companies to be well-versed in diversity so that they can embrace it and integrate it into the very makeup of their organizational structure, policies, and procedures. Chastity and Joanna’s sessions are customized to the needs of your organization.